Make Jesus Known and Make Disciples
In New Environments

0-18 Ministry Improvements

Student Area

  • Teenagers need to feel that they belong and that they are loved and appreciated, which is why we are excited to give our students their own space in our building. The new student area on the third floor will be a place where they connect with each other, where they are welcome to come as they are, and, most importantly, where they will encounter Gospel-centered conversations. Valleydale’s student area will be an environment where students come after school to hang out and where they want to bring friends. This renovation will allow us to increase our ministry efforts to the students in our city.
  • Along with the exciting plans for the student area on the third floor, we will upgrade technology in the Theater to meet modern worship standards. This will help create a great environment for our students every week. The upgrade will include new audio equipment, modern lighting, and high-definition projectors to enhance worship and discipleship. 

Preliminary rendering of third floor student area

Preschool Safety Updates

We praise God for significant growth in our Preschool Ministry! With this growth, we want to make sure our youngest guests are safe. We look forward to installing a closed-circuit video security system to make sure our preschoolers on Sundays, as well as our Noah’s Nook Mother’s Day Out students here throughout the week, are secure.

Worship Environment Updates

Worship Center Improvements

Through your giving to Make Initiative 2, we will be able to upgrade our video system in the Worship Center to a fully HD-quality system, as well as providing flexible staging options. Improvements and modifications to screens and projectors will provide an easier sight line for every seat in the Worship Center. A fully HD-quality system will not only enhance every event in the Worship Center, it will also produce excellent content for the Internet. This will benefit our increasing number of live stream viewers, as well as future media opportunities. Improvements to the stage will create an environment designed to further engage members and guests into worship while reducing distractions.

Video Production

Make 2 will allow us to create a video production studio to fully meet the growing demand for multimedia communication. By creating this dedicated space for video production, we will more effectively share what God is doing in our body and more clearly communicate the Gospel to people in new ways.

Meeting Space Improvements

Our meeting rooms at Valleydale are used by many groups within the church and the community. Make 2 will allow us to upgrade these areas to provide better support for our ministries and outreach to the community.

  • Our Glass Room will receive permanent audio and improved video support for the screens in the room.
  • Our Big Room will receive a digital audio mixing console, improved wireless microphones, and better band microphones and equipment designed to better suit the wide variety of events in this room.

Lobby Design/Coffee Shop/Bookstore

At Valleydale we want to be intentional about engaging our members, guests, and our local community. We will make our lobby more efficient, provide better signage and guest connection points, and engage and highlight Valleydale’s missions legacy by creating a Missions Wall. We also hope to create a welcoming a coffee shop and bookstore that would further open the walls of Valleydale to our community.