Make Jesus Known and Make Disciples
In Our Church

Ministry Budget

To Make Jesus Known and Make Disciples, Valleydale must continue the ongoing work of our ministries. The great work of ministries such as Legacy (Senior Adults), Life Groups, Children, Preschool, Worship, Student and Women’s Ministry will continue to thrive through intentional engagement of each individual to draw closer in their personal walk with the Lord. In addition to these long-serving ministries, Valleydale launched new ministries for gospel engagement through Make 1, including Day Three, Special Needs, and Men’s Ministry. Over the next two years, Valleydale will continue to support these growing ministries for discipling our members.

Debt Reduction

Valleydale will continue to be faithful stewards of what God has given us. In the previous Make, Valleydale reduced monthly debt payments by $70,000 without extending the terms of our loan. Valleydale will continue to service this debt, moving us closer to debt freedom.

Property upkeep

Valleydale Church was designed to be a multi-functional building, and as such, the church is used for many community activities.  Over a decade of ministry at this location, our facilities are in need of general repairs and upkeep.  These repairs and ongoing maintenance will allow Valleydale’s campus to continue to be a great resource for community use.

While on sabbatical in June, the Lord really impressed on me the need to be more missional in my everyday life and to lead Valleydale members to become more missional in everyday living as well. By missional living, I mean that every day we wake up with the sense that the Lord wants to use us that day to be salt and light in all encounters throughout the day. I pray that as we learn to live our daily lives on mission for the kingdom, that the Lord would call out from Valleydale those He desires to invest their lives in missional living in North America or Internationally.
— Ross Robinson, Serve Pastor

God is making disciples in our church...


Before I became a Christian, I didn’t desire to read my Bible often, and I didn’t feel very close to God. I didn’t feel remorse when I did wrong. My parents have always taught me the Bible and I had talked with my family about how to be saved. But, one evening while on the beach in Pensacola, I felt a strong connection with God, and I felt He was calling me to ask Him into my heart. I felt so close to God and I started desiring to read my Bible and spend more time with Him. I have a desire in my heart to follow Jesus and obey Him. When I asked Him into my heart, His Spirit came into me and now helps me everyday. He helps me want to do good. Thank you to my parents who taught me about who God is, and encouraged me to know Him more. Also, my friend, Tucker, who has been an example to me in reading my Bible often.
— Luke Baxley
“Me and my dad went on the mission trip to Moldova this summer. One of the questions in the paperwork was, “are you a believer, a new believer or a nonbeliever.” It really started me thinking. I had prayed a prayer when I was younger but I don’t think I really understood. So I talked to my Mom about it. I didn’t think I was good enough to follow Jesus, but she explained that no one is, that it is God’s grace that saves us. So I asked Jesus into my heart, and [I] am so thankful for his grace. The mission trip to Moldova was awesome! Mark 2:17 “ It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.
— Luke Baxley