Make Jesus Known and Make Disciples
In Our City and Throughout the World

When Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19), no parameters of time or location were given. He said, “Come” and “I will make”. As followers of Christ, we are made to be fishers of men, whether here in our hometown or traveling around the world. Our calling is clear— “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Over the next two years, Valleydale will focus on equipping, discipling, and sending members to spread the Gospel in our city and around the world.

Iron City Church

Iron City Church launched in September of 2014. Entering its second year, Iron City continues to be a church “for unity, for diversity, for the city, for the glory of God.” Iron City lives out this mission through weekly Spirit-filled worship, discipleship in Community Groups, and service in the church and community. Attendance in the second half of 2015 has averaged 200 worshipers. God has blessed this body of believers, and Valleydale will continue to build and support this church as it grows over the next two years.

Groundwork for a Hispanic Church

Valleydale has long been intentional about our call to make disciples of all nations. Over the past decade, our region has welcomed a significant increase of men, women, and children from Spanish-speaking nations. These are people that Jesus died for, people of whom Jesus said “Make Disciples.”  What if there was a plan that sought to unite our Spanish-speaking neighbors with our English-speaking congregation? Valleydale will begin constructing the framework for a Spanish-speaking worship service that will unite two different languages and cultures under the same Gospel.

Media Ministry

Valleydale regularly engages with our community in new and creative ways, primarily through the Think Through It ministry. These radio messages, heard around the Birmingham area several times a week, have expanded into a larger podcast audience through the Think Through It Roundtable, a podcast where Jason Dees and guests discuss important topics relevant to believers living in today’s culture. We will continue these endeavors as well as explore new media opportunities.

College and Young Adults

Many missionaries discover their calling to the mission field through short-term and mid-term mission trips. As part of Valleydale’s desire to send members around the world for career missions, we will support college students and young adults interested in full-time ministry by sending them on short-term and mid-term mission trips. 

Ministry Internship Program

Over the next two years, Valleydale will continue to develop the next generation of church leaders through our ministry internship program. There are three tiers to the internship: Ministry Internship, Residency, and Pastoral Apprenticeship. These leaders not only gain valuable ministry experience at Valleydale, but they invest in our body by serving and discipling our members.

National and International Partners

Valleydale will continue our vision to make disciples around the world by supporting our national and international missions partners. We will also explore new partnerships focused on church planting. 

In addition to sending members on short-term mission trips, we will create a solid structure of training opportunities for every member of our congregation to live their life on mission. 

Valleydale has a great legacy of sending members on short-term mission trips, however we believe God is calling us to go further. We believe our next step is to become a sending church by sending more members on mid-term and long-term assignments as well as becoming career missionaries.

Cooperative and Associational Giving

Valleydale will continue to support the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program which funds ministry in our state as well as national and international missions.  We are also excited to associate with other Gospel-proclaiming churches in our city to support local ministries.

CityServe Ministry

CityServe, Valleydale’s local ministry emphasis, provides opportunities for our members to meet the incredible needs in our community. Over the next two years, Valleydale will explore adding local ministry partners to demonstrate the love of Christ to our city.